Gone Girl: Review. (No spoilers)

I read Gone Girl in the first week of August 2015 and realised that it was different from the stuff that I’ve read before. I purchased the book because it was already over-hyped having received the title of  ‘Thriller of the year’.

Gone girl written by Gillian Flynn is a thriller published back in 2012 but gained a lot of fame after it’s movie release. The story begins with Amy Dunne, our protagonist, disappearing on the morning of her fifth wedding anniversary. The major suspect her husband claims that he isn’t responsible for it. However, others have some different things to say about their marriage.

The book has been divided into two parts. The first part of the book has been written from the perspective of both Amy and Nick Dunne, her husband. Nick talks about the present while Amy talks about the past through her daily journal entries showing a wide contrast.

The story encounters a variety of themes such as dishonesty, money problems, extra marital affairs making the reader question his/her own plans about marriage.

The book is known for it’s disappointing end which will make readers question what love really is all about. A confusing read. Gripping and breath taking.

The kind of book that you will either hate or love and will have to read on your own to form an opinion about.