Waiting for your letter,
Expectant eyes;
heavy hopes,
hasty goodbyes.

Blotches of Ink,
Know you cried when you wrote;
I cried reading it,
A lump in my throat.

Missing your touch,
My heart aches;
Searching you in corridors,
My body rakes.

Pregnant womb,
Eyes red;
In a warstruck nation,
You lie dead.



She waited for your smile

to appear thinking

it was on it’s way.

But you touched her womb

without even touching it

and muttered,

“You have to kill it today.”

So she did as you said,

For five years her body had been your bed.

The child came out

but there were no cries

and yet she didn’t realize

that your I love you’s

were all lies.

You left

at an amazing pace.

Left her shame

and walked with grace.

She looks down at the marks

on her skin

thinking maybe

she had two little sons


Says your name,

forty-nine times a day

and there you are

with another girl now

far far away.