Make Spit while the sun shines!

Mumbaikars, forever stuck in an angsty teen rebel stage like to live life on their own terms! First came buying of Maggi packets before they go off shelves so you can stock them up and eat it despite being hazardous, then came the meat ban that raised a lot of voices, then came the rumour of alcohol ban and then came the four tough days where people weren’t allowed to consume meat to respect someone’s cultural practices. We saw it all, we abused, we wrote, We spoke, we protested, we spat in disgust. Hold on, hold your spit in because spitting might soon cost you a lot more than pneumonia or other respiratory tract diseases.

While travelling in an auto rickshaw in the suburbs of Mumbai my rickshaw was stuck in a never ending signal in front of IIT Mumbai. The driver took this oppurtunity to bring out the Leonardo Di Caprio within him, took a long drag and spat his chest out on the road. Disgusted by the sticky sight I gasped and clenched my teeth holding back my vomit. I decided to educate my auto driver and told him not to spit. “You will have to pay a thousand rupees fine and work at a government office for a day and the penalty keeps increasing if you are caught again after that.”

He smirked and looked at me through the mirror as if indirectly conveying that he already knew the rules and said, ” Don’t worry Madam, the police has a holiday today. No one’s going to catch me today.”