Bookist Pet Peeves.( part 1)

So here are my top 5 bookish pet peeves.

1. When the book cover has pictures of random people on it./Movie poster covers.


2.When there are random stickers on the cover.

Who likes this? nobody! STOP RUINING MY COVERS! I don’t care if it’s thriller of the year.


3. When the spine of a paperback cracks.


4. When there’s no margin or very less margin space/tiny font.


6. Terrible love triangles.


Let me know some of yours.


Wonder by R J Palacio: Review. ( No spoilers)

Wonder by R J Palacio is a children’s book that has received several awards including the 2015 Mark Twain Award.

The story revolves around a ten year old boy named August who lives in New York City and has been homeschooled by his mother up until now. He suffers from a rare facial deformity which happens to draw people’s attention wherever he goes.The book has been written from various point of views,including his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, some of his classmates.

The book was inspired from a real life incident that took place in Palacio’s life where her son started crying seeing a kid born with a facial birth defect.

The story proceeds with describing of all the events that take place in the entire school year and August’s journey in a world that gives so much importance to what people look like. A simple and fast read. This book will give you an insight into what love really is and how a person’s looks do not determine the kind of person they are.

Gripping and a real eye opener teaching us that first impressions are not always correct. A must read. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

Trishita: Chapter 4. ( Final Chapter)

To read Chapter 3 click here.

The old lady from 304 did the best she could to spread rumours about Shalaka going missing.A police complaint had been filed. Within two hours flyers were put up in the entire city. Shalaka’s father was a wealthy man who owned a company that made mixer grinders and such appliances.

Madhu’s parents, Niyati’s parents, Sunil uncle, The old lady from 304, The secretary and nearly the entire population of Trishita had come down to the police station.

Meanwhile, the building watchman was absent today. He had called and informed the secretary that he couldn’t make it today due to high fever and what doctor said was a giant infection in his throat.

Madhuvanti found it hard to focus in school. She had always been a good student but today she was distracted. Guilt circling her neck like sweetness embraces the taste of warm caramel. She felt guilty about ignoring Shalaka lately.Every two minutes she shot a glance at Niyati who responded by bringing her eyes together and forming lines on her forehead.

The bell for the short recess seemed extremely annoying today. They had no idea that Shalaka was missing but it seemed weirdly strange to Madhu who was well-aware of the fact that Shalaka hated bunking school.The guilt didn’t last very long as they were immediately called back home after the fourth period. The police wanted to question them.

“When was the last time you saw her?”

“Umm..well, It was yesterday after school I guess-ss.”,replied a trembling Madhu.

Niyati had fever. Shalaka’s mother weeped and weeped.

“Where exactly did you see her?”

“It was near the front gate.We were standing near the watchman’s cabin and talking about school. Niyati was there too! Then we went up. I stay on the eighth floor and she stays on the seventh.. Does this matter?”

“Yes. Every piece of information is vital.”

” Yaa..Okay I understand.”, she said nervously.

The policeman noted everything down. Exact words. His balding head was shining. Sweat beads trickled down his face and were running down his neck like ants. The back of his shirt soaked.Circles of sweat on the cloth covering his armpits. His mind wandered in various directions. A girl missing. He knew what this meant usually and he didn’t want to break this news to the girl’s mother who wouldn’t stop crying and her father who wasn’t able to speak anymore.

For a split second he had given up but he decided against it. He sat straight up,pulled out his wet handkerchief and wiped his head and face off. He then summoned for the watchman.

“He’s on leave today.”, said the secretary.

“WHAAAAAT?? A watchman on leave? Are you crazy?Nine floors in this building and you have only one watchman? “, he yelled trying not to collapse.

“Well…er..He’s sick.”, came the reply.

” Bulao usko!” (“Call him!”)

The watchman arrived an hour later. His eyes bloodshot as usual. He smelled like cigarettes and loneliness. The top button of his shirt undone to let his white curly chest hair to peek out. He grinned as usual flashing his tobacco teeth. Women around him covered their noses with their duppatta to block the smell from him.

“Where is the girl?”, asked the police inspector sternly.

“Which girl?”, asked the watchman puzzled.

“Don’t pretend! The girl you kidnapped. Several residents have reported saying they suspect you.”

“No sir I haven’t done anything”, he broke off crying. ” I stay in that building but I have not touched any girl sir please believe me I am  innocent sir.”, he sobbed choking on his spit.

“What do you mean you live here?”, asked the inspector now wide eyed.

” I am very poor sir. last week I lost all my money and came to Mumbai all the way from Sakwar. I did not have any place to stay. A man hooked me up with this job. I go and sleep between the seventh and eighth floor because nobody that high up uses the stairs.I come down sometimes and the gardener gives me his old stuff.  Cut my tongue if I’m false but I am not sir. I am innocent.”

No one believed the creepy watchman and he was arrested. This didn’t make him sad because now he had shelter, food and a toilet in jail.

Three days later Madhuvanti went to Sunil uncle’s house to collect the bank documents she had forgotten to collect earlier. Sunil uncle was having some financial troubles. The national bank was just beside Sunaina’s post office so she had agreed to drop them off before work.

When Madhu rang Sunil uncle’s bell, there came no respone. On the fourth try a sobbing Sunil opened his door leaving Madhu wide mouthed. Shalaka returned home safe. A note was found at Sunil’s house which was going to go to Shalaka’s father this afternoon asking for ransom. Nobody checks the neighbour’s  house.

The watchman was cleared of all charges and Sunil was charged for the kidnapping of Shalake,age 15.

Book Review : Bombay Rains Bombay Girls.

Written by Dr. Anirban Bose who completed his MBBS in Mumbai and worked as assistant professor of Medicine at University of Rochester.


Eighteen year old Adi does not realise the drastic changes that await him. Being from a small town he, as well as his parents are equally shocked to learn that he has qualified his medical entrance examination and will now be studying MBBS at Grant Medical College and JJ hospital.

Giving advices to people who are moving to big cities or foreign lands is a part of our tradition and the case is no different when it comes to Adi. While leaving for Bombay he is told to watch two things in Mumbai, Bombay Rains and Bombay girls.

On his arrival to the city, the author beautifully describes the way an outsider would usually percieve the city of Bombay. The hustle and bustle and flamboyance of the city mesmerizes every outsider in his first few months until one day he gets tired of the heat but is so emotionally attached to the city that he cannot imagine parting with it.

On his very first day in the city that waits for no one Adi is shown the real picture of the city’s ignorance and brutal ways. His father accompanies him to complete the formalities of the college admission and reminds him of the way one must lead life. Taking it all in and feeling each and every sentiment that comes along.

Thinking that admission to this renowned college was just a matter of luck he suffers a major inferiority complex.

Meeting friends, feeling betrayed in love,chosing what is wrong and right and knowing his morals leads him to discover a whole new path until the authorities in the college might be giving them some serious problems.

One thing leads to another but the company of his new she-friend and his unconditional affection for her keeps him going through these difficult times.

On facing loss of a dear one, Adi is compelled to unravel a journey that might cost him his life and career.

A sparkling and at times overly dramatic read.This book is for everyone who wants to know about Mumbai and it’s ways years back. For people who dream of standing in front of Nariman point and running with the city in any direction. A must read for aspiring medicos and people finding love in Mumbai.

I’d rate Bombay Rains Bombay Girls a 3 out of 5.


Hailing an auto rickshaw, I sat in a sangfroid manner veiling my impatience. I was going for a movie and had to pick up my friend on the way.


The hustle and bustle of the city traffic wasn’t helping my mood. I tried to pass the time checking my phone messages as the vehicle lay stuck in traffic. The fumes from cars occupying my lungs and the deafening cacophony of horns.

As I reached the spot where I was supposed to collect my friend, I asked the driver to stop near the entrance of my friend’s building.

It was ten minutes now. My friend still wasn’t here. Feeling guilty I said to the driver,” Sorry you have to wait. My friend’s helper is a little late that’s why it has messed up our schedule. These helpers never come on time!”

To this line, his response was a smile and statement that I will never forget.

He said, ” This is what happens when you depend on others.”

Bridget Jones’s diary: review.

Written by Helen Fielding and published in 1996, Bridget Jones’s diary continues to be one of the most read Chick lit book.

This Comedy revolves around Bridget, a thirty something single woman living in London. Bridget works in a publishing house and has a massive crush on Daniel who happens to be her boss. A series of chats comprising of flirting lead to a relationship and before Bridget even knows she faces the complexeties of real world relationships that a lot of women ( and men) face on a daily basis.

The book begins on a hilarious note stating Bridget’s new year resolutions which she struggles to follow. Her cigarette and alcohol addiction, her weight are some of the things she thinks she needs to work upon.

The book moves through relationships between Bridget and her parents who are facing difficulties in their marriage, Bridget’s mom and her friend who are constantly trying to set Bridget up with top notch, now divorced lawyer, Mark Darcy. Bridget’s friends occupy a special place in her life as she always turns to them for advice and they offer her their support at all times.

The writing style used by the author is Informal with some British slangs. The book also focusses on her over confident mother who pushes her to dress better and get to know her worth. As the year goes by, Bridget realises that first impressions are not always correct and unravels a whole new journey with her new job.

The book is not quite same as the movie and I’d recommend it to be watched after reading the book. Girls would enjoy and relate to the issues faced by Bridget and boys would be fascinated to learn the kind of stuff that goes on in a girl’s mind that they have probably never even thought of.

The book was winner of the ‘British book of the year’ in 1998 and I’d definitely recommend fellow readers to grab a copy and get to know the fabulous Bridget Jones.


She stood round
the corner;
He said he’d pick her up at 2:35.
She waited and waited,
and finally let out a sigh.
Shifting her hair
towards one side,
she hoped he’d smile.
He didn’t appear for hours,
it had been awhile.
When they told her he died.
Got hit by a truck,
completely fried;
She chuckled and said,
“He wouldn’t die on me.”
She spends hours
at the coffee house,
drinking his favorite coffee.
They call her a mad mad woman,
who waits everyday,
from 2:35 till the sun
fades away.
Waiting for him,
with her hair on
one side.
Doesn’t realise he’s dead,
got hit by a truck,
completely fried.