Ashamed of menstruating?

Standing in the line of the girls washroom, I wait for my turn. Tapping my feet with impatience. A girl is combing her hair in front of the mirror.

Finally, it’s my turn. I go in and I am greeted by two used sanitary napkins,displayed on the toilet window, a sanitary napkin wrapper lying on the wet floor.

Some people say the world is changing. Are we really?

I come out of the stall and notice that there is no dustbin in the washroom.

No dustbin? In a girls washroom?

There’s a dustbin just outside but not many girls would dare to approach it.



Story time for educated people:

Some theories say that we evolved from apes, some say we resemble chimpanzees. Doesn’t matter whichever theory you personally support, we are all primates and primates menstruate.

It is not a big secret.

Girls and transgender men get periods.Accept the biology!

It is not something to be ashamed of. You know it, I know it, everyone outside the washroom knows it.

Keep a dustbin in every bathroom, wrap your used pads in a newspaper/other packaging and dispose it off in a dustbin.

If the dustbin is outside, do not be ashamed to go outside and dispose it off.

Keep the country clean!





Kho Kho.

Looking back I now realize that I was sporty even though I was never really good at any sport. My favorite class in school wasn’t PE. It surprised me how much my friends really wanted to get on the ground form two teams and play handball or basketball. In fact, I dreaded the PE period. The only sport I played was throwball. Getting graded based on how fast I complete six rounds around the school building? No, thank you. Any sport that requires eye and hand coordination doesn’t require a player like me! The only sport I am relatively good at is Swimming which a lot of people don’t consider to be a sport. ( It is a sport.)

Despite my distaste for shooting hoops and tackling tall girls who don’t pass the ball what I really miss from my childhood is playing Kho Kho. You don’t have to assess the speed of anything approaching you. In my mind, I associate Kho Kho with freedom. The sheer joy of running around and yelling in excitement coupled with lots of adrenaline to try and not get out. I remember taking a trip with a few family friends where we played Kho Kho and it was played between two generations.

Another happy memory is when our chemistry teacher declared that she wasn’t going to take a test on writing formulas of compounds and then took us all down to play an eventful game of Kho Kho. We came back all sweaty but our faces were beaming with joy and liberation.

When life gets hard and tough to handle I think of this one moment where I don’t have to worry about an exam or any other important issue.

So call your friends and play Kho Kho.

Make Spit while the sun shines!

Mumbaikars, forever stuck in an angsty teen rebel stage like to live life on their own terms! First came buying of Maggi packets before they go off shelves so you can stock them up and eat it despite being hazardous, then came the meat ban that raised a lot of voices, then came the rumour of alcohol ban and then came the four tough days where people weren’t allowed to consume meat to respect someone’s cultural practices. We saw it all, we abused, we wrote, We spoke, we protested, we spat in disgust. Hold on, hold your spit in because spitting might soon cost you a lot more than pneumonia or other respiratory tract diseases.

While travelling in an auto rickshaw in the suburbs of Mumbai my rickshaw was stuck in a never ending signal in front of IIT Mumbai. The driver took this oppurtunity to bring out the Leonardo Di Caprio within him, took a long drag and spat his chest out on the road. Disgusted by the sticky sight I gasped and clenched my teeth holding back my vomit. I decided to educate my auto driver and told him not to spit. “You will have to pay a thousand rupees fine and work at a government office for a day and the penalty keeps increasing if you are caught again after that.”

He smirked and looked at me through the mirror as if indirectly conveying that he already knew the rules and said, ” Don’t worry Madam, the police has a holiday today. No one’s going to catch me today.”

Gone Girl: Review. (No spoilers)

I read Gone Girl in the first week of August 2015 and realised that it was different from the stuff that I’ve read before. I purchased the book because it was already over-hyped having received the title of  ‘Thriller of the year’.

Gone girl written by Gillian Flynn is a thriller published back in 2012 but gained a lot of fame after it’s movie release. The story begins with Amy Dunne, our protagonist, disappearing on the morning of her fifth wedding anniversary. The major suspect her husband claims that he isn’t responsible for it. However, others have some different things to say about their marriage.

The book has been divided into two parts. The first part of the book has been written from the perspective of both Amy and Nick Dunne, her husband. Nick talks about the present while Amy talks about the past through her daily journal entries showing a wide contrast.

The story encounters a variety of themes such as dishonesty, money problems, extra marital affairs making the reader question his/her own plans about marriage.

The book is known for it’s disappointing end which will make readers question what love really is all about. A confusing read. Gripping and breath taking.

The kind of book that you will either hate or love and will have to read on your own to form an opinion about.


Bookist Pet Peeves.( part 1)

So here are my top 5 bookish pet peeves.

1. When the book cover has pictures of random people on it./Movie poster covers.


2.When there are random stickers on the cover.

Who likes this? nobody! STOP RUINING MY COVERS! I don’t care if it’s thriller of the year.


3. When the spine of a paperback cracks.


4. When there’s no margin or very less margin space/tiny font.


6. Terrible love triangles.


Let me know some of yours.

Wonder by R J Palacio: Review. ( No spoilers)

Wonder by R J Palacio is a children’s book that has received several awards including the 2015 Mark Twain Award.

The story revolves around a ten year old boy named August who lives in New York City and has been homeschooled by his mother up until now. He suffers from a rare facial deformity which happens to draw people’s attention wherever he goes.The book has been written from various point of views,including his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, some of his classmates.

The book was inspired from a real life incident that took place in Palacio’s life where her son started crying seeing a kid born with a facial birth defect.

The story proceeds with describing of all the events that take place in the entire school year and August’s journey in a world that gives so much importance to what people look like. A simple and fast read. This book will give you an insight into what love really is and how a person’s looks do not determine the kind of person they are.

Gripping and a real eye opener teaching us that first impressions are not always correct. A must read. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars.