Kho Kho.

Looking back I now realize that I was sporty even though I was never really good at any sport. My favorite class in school wasn’t PE. It surprised me how much my friends really wanted to get on the ground form two teams and play handball or basketball. In fact, I dreaded the PE period. The only sport I played was throwball. Getting graded based on how fast I complete six rounds around the school building? No, thank you. Any sport that requires eye and hand coordination doesn’t require a player like me! The only sport I am relatively good at is Swimming which a lot of people don’t consider to be a sport. ( It is a sport.)

Despite my distaste for shooting hoops and tackling tall girls who don’t pass the ball what I really miss from my childhood is playing Kho Kho. You don’t have to assess the speed of anything approaching you. In my mind, I associate Kho Kho with freedom. The sheer joy of running around and yelling in excitement coupled with lots of adrenaline to try and not get out. I remember taking a trip with a few family friends where we played Kho Kho and it was played between two generations.

Another happy memory is when our chemistry teacher declared that she wasn’t going to take a test on writing formulas of compounds and then took us all down to play an eventful game of Kho Kho. We came back all sweaty but our faces were beaming with joy and liberation.

When life gets hard and tough to handle I think of this one moment where I don’t have to worry about an exam or any other important issue.

So call your friends and play Kho Kho.


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